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About Sophia

Past, Present, and Future

Sophia Payne is a freelance writer with over twenty years experience in both I.T. and creative writing - sometimes at the same time.

This hybrid career began in 2002, when Sophia was employed as a technician in a University, but spent much of her time writing technical manuals, guides, and multi-media marketing material. Outside of this position, she also ran her own home-support I.T. business and began writing non-fiction. In 2011 her focus in I.T. began to shift further when she wrote a self-help book on overcoming depression and self-harm - a topic close to her own heart. However the I.T. industry still called to her and in 2013 she worked a relatively short stint (half a year) behind the Genius Bar at Apple. This further cemented the belief that her passion is with words, not computers, and in 2016 she began writing a new fiction book. 

Sophia is now exclusively a professional writer, and is unable to help with I.T. issues. Currently, she splits her time between editing her YA novel, writing corporate scripts and articles for a global I.T. company, and writing picture and middle grade books for children. She also happens to be a SAHM, but she doesn't like to let that label define her. 

Sophia plans to continue freelancing on a part-time basis, whilst approaching literary agents and publishers for her novel. Alongside this she will be writing books for children at every opportunity. Sophia is a member of SCBWI.


writing Experience

clients and projects

Sophia is capable of writing in a number of different styles and her experience has been extremely varied over the years. From non-fiction and creative storytelling, to corporate text and television scripts. She can adapt to fit most requirements. Quotes are based on project details, but start at £250/day.

Whilst much of her recent focus has been writing books, Sophia has also written full-length feature articles for Doctor Who Magazine, Green Parent and Natural Health, as well as online articles for various websites.

Currently she is pitching her children's picture book ideas to literary agents, and working on an exciting new middle grade novel. 


Media services

previous experience

Sophia is experienced in public speaking and has done numerous interviews on the topic of depression and self-harm. These include: -

Live television - This Morning, BBC Breakfast News (BBC2), Channel 5 news. 

Live radio - Today (BBC Radio 4), Newsbeat (BBC Radio 1), BBC Radio 5, BBC Asian Network.

In print - BBC3 News, The Observer newspaper, Style magazine (Sunday Times) Woman magazine, Bizarre magazine, Woman's Own, The Sun.

Sophia is not actively searching for media opportunities, but is happy to be approached for interviews on this specific topic due to her extensive experience.



Open University

Graduated July 2012



LOCATION: Hampshire, UK